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Managed Business Process Services For Shipping, Freight Forwarding And Logistics Companies

Documentation Services

We handle end to end data entry and documentation of all work flows for Logistics companies, service providers and carriers. Our team of experts ensures seamless and timely delivery of documentation services across geographies and time zones.

Generate / Data entry of:

    • Bookings
    • Packing lists
    • Commercial invoices
    • Supplier invoices
    • Master Bill of Lading
    • Carrier/ House Bill of Lading
  • Arrival Notice
  • Cargo Release sheet
  • Delivery order
  • Letter of Intent
  • Freight bill
  • Container Load Advice


We track the entire journey of the shipment from pick-up to delivery through Web track, Calling, Email & Chat. We provide support to all types of shipments such as FTL, LTL, PL, TL, Intermodal and Multi-modal.

What we do

  • Verify and update the current status of the goods
  • Update expected time and date of arrival of shipment.


Cenza provides Invoicing services to Shipping lines, Freight forwarders and Logistics companies. We are able to handle the complete invoicing process for both your outgoing (customer) invoices and your incoming (supplier) invoices.

What we do customer invoices

  • Generate freight and other customer related invoices
  • Issue invoices
  • Update Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Manage and update invoice amendments
  • Update payments in AR
  • Follow up on payments

What we do supplier invoices

  • Capture and register invoice data using OCR technology
  • Audit and verify that invoices are correct
  • Manage invoice amendments
  • Update Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Process invoice payment


Issuing of bills of lading with incorrect rates and charges is very expensive. Your customers are likely to tell you if you have applied rates and charges that are higher than what was agreed. But how many bills of lading go undiscovered and uncorrected with the applied rates and charges being lower than what was actually agreed?

What we do

  • Audit bills of lading to ensure that the correct rates and charges are applied (matching customer contract, tariff, and/or rate quotation)
  • Amend errors and update draft bill of lading
  • Audit already issued bills of lading and take action to correct errors


We conduct post-audits of service provider invoices and statements to ensure invoices match the agreement. We take action to recover already paid invoice overcharges.

What we do

  • Register all invoices as they are received.
  • Scrutinize each invoice against your contracts and rate cards – ensure correct tariffs, accessorial charges, discounts, and any other price-related clauses in the contracts are applied properly
  • Verify the invoice accuracy against related shipment documents such as bills of lading, purchase orders or other customer-specific documents
  • Validate and cleanse data for duplicates
  • Issue overcharge claims for any discrepancies discovered
  • Provide regular update of “Open and Paid” claims


Our scope of services covers the standard processes that most Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders and Logistics Service Providers handle on a daily basis.

From receipt of the customer order / booking and until delivery to the receiver of the order / shipment, we perform the processes on your behalf.

Please contact us for any standard or customer specific services. We will be happy to discuss a solution that fits your company’s specific needs.