Looking after our greatest assets.

Making a difference to our people, our clients, and our communities, every day.

Our culture

The satisfaction 
of our clients depends 
on the quality of the
people we employ, the 
culture we create, and 
the values we instil.

At Cenza, we do business a little differently.

As such, we’ve created a culture that fosters intelligent thinking and invention. A culture where our employees are supported and our clients feel valued. A culture that allows everyone to thrive.

It’s this approach that cultivates our high employee retention levels, consistency of experience across all projects, and impressive client retention and satisfaction rates.

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Taking our community commitment seriously

Making a positive impact on the people who work for us, our clients, our planet, and the communities of which we are a part.

We have a duty to run our business responsibly. That’s why corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of everything we do.

An approach that starts at home, our business conforms to the highest professional and ethical standards. This is reflected in the way we look after our people, manage risk, and deliver value to our clients.

However, as well as making sure that our processes and policies have an favourable impact on our clients and employees, we also do our best to make a positive difference to the world in which we live.

Sanitation for Schools

Cenza has supported the ‘Keep them in School’ program of Madras Round Table 1 which is focused on improving sanitation facilities at schools for the underprivileged. We built a new toilet block at a school near our Chennai delivery center and also installed (RO) Reverse Osmosis unit to provide clean and safe drinking water to the children.

Flood relief

Cenza’s employees were also actively involved in the flood relief activities after the torrential rains and flooding in Chennai. Our employees supported the efforts of Chennai volunteers in organising, sorting and packing items for flood relief.


On the International Day of Charity, Cenza was part of the #ChennaiGives charity initiative of Madras Round Table 1 and Uber; for which employees of Cenza collected and donated clothes and school supplies for children and village women Keerapakam.